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Welcome Message
Lee Siang

While the growth of DAS in the past decade has been immense, the Handbook reflects the range and scope of DAS programmes and makes clear the specific areas which still require further exploration and development in support of people with dyslexia and associated learning differences.

Editors Introduction
Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett

I have learned that the DAS is the largest and most successful dyslexia association in the world, working with over 2900 children, many with financial support from the Ministry of Education (MOE). I have learned that DAS has a depth and breadth of understanding of dyslexia that is second to none, and I speak as Vice President of the British Dyslexia Association.

My Journey to DAS
Robin Moseley

I stepped into a classroom in a not very nice area of London as a qualified teacher for the first time on Monday, 2 September 1968. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that 46 years later I would end my career as a CEO in Singapore.

Vital Visionary - Robin Moseley
Deborah Hewes

Robin, a proud dyslexic, has a passion for helping all individuals with learning differences. His vision for DAS has allowed the organisation to grow and support thousands of children with dyslexia as well as enabling others who support those with learning differences by providing professional development opportunities by the way of workshops and courses, international conferences and tertiary programmes.

He has also ensured that DAS empowered its parents with the skills to support their child at home by sharing of his personal story and by providing a series of DAS workshops and courses to meet that need.

Robin retired from DAS on 31 August 2014, DAS would like to wish him all the best in his retirement. Robin’s legacy will continue to grow and meet its mission for people with dyslexia in Singapore.