Terms & Conditions for Parents

MOE Notification

In order to enjoy the MOE subsidy given to Singaporeans studying in MOE schools, DAS are required to furnish the names of these students to their schools for MOE’s record. If you do not wish for us to notify the school, please alert the Centre Manager. However, you will not be eligible for MOE funding and full fees without any subsidy is payable.

Class Schedule

- It is important that your child is punctual for all his/her classes

- If your child is unwell or not able to attend class, please inform the learning centre immediately. There will be no replacement classes or refund of fees for the class missed

- Your child must achieve at least 85% attendance and should not miss more than 4 consecutive hours in a term to remain in the MAP programme

- No make-up class or refund of term fees for classes missed on gazetted public and certain school/DAS holidays

- If a DAS Educational Therapist is absent due to medical or other unforeseen urgent matters, replacement lessons will be scheduled

- Withdrawals are done at the end of each term and at least 1 month written notification is required. Full term fees will be applicable if a child withdraws before the term ends and refunds will not be provided

- Your child has been placed in the most appropriate class available (i.e with children of similar age and abilities). Any request for changes is subject to availability. Your kind co-operation and understanding in this matter is sought

- We will provide and share formal feedback on your child's progress, at least twice a year during the Meet The Parents session (MTP), end of Term 2 & 4. MTP meetings are very important and therefore your child will have only an hour of lesson (instead of the usual 2 hours) during the MTP week. There will be no make-up for the missed 1-hour lesson during the MTP week

- DAS reserves the right to refuse services if deemed necessary by DAS Management


- Full term fees will be collected by the first lesson of the term
- A late payment fee will be imposed if fees are not paid on time and outstanding fees may affect the continuation of classes
- For financial assistance, please contact the Centre Manager for more information

Quality Assurance

Educational Therapists will need to record lessons from time to time for training and QA audit purposes. We would like to assure parents the recording is strictly for training purposes and not for public viewing.


- Damaged or loss of DAS library books will be charged accordingly.
- DAS is not responsible for any personal losses of students or any other parties within DAS Premises

Personal Data Protection Act

You agree to give consent to Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to collect and use data for the following purposes:

- for research
- to communicate with professionals/organisations who had previously worked with your child/ward
- notifying the Ministry of Education (MOE)
- to notify me of any events or activities organised by DAS