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Senior Managers





Deborah profile1   Tey Ching Ching profile1  
Head of Publicity & Publications
Ms Deborah Hewes
Head of Logistics and Information Technology
Ms Tey Ching Ching
Head of Fundraising
Ms Jacqueline Song

Assistant Director, Curriculum Development & Implementation, MAP
Ms Serena Tan Abdullah

Lois profile1 Pushpaa Surjati
Assistant Director, Admissions, MAP
Ms Lois Lim
 Assistant Director, Quality Assurance, MAP
Ms Sujatha Nair
Assistant Director, SES Enrichment Programme, SES
Ms Pushpaa Arumugam
Assistant Director, Outreach
Ms Surjati Soekraman
Chris Chia      
Assistant Director, Learning Centres
Ms Chris Chia
Assistant Director,
Ms Marcel Ortiguerra